Simone Walsh appeared on my podcast, the
‘I m Still Standing Podcast’ to speak about the
impact that workplace harassment has on our
mental health. Simone’s personal story of
surviving tremendous harassment was an
inspiration to me and my audience. She took
this experience and developed a non-profit to
help others. I am sure she will continue making
an impact on every platform she graces.
Jem Jackson, I’m Still Standing Podcast

Simone’s poetry has captured the depression, despair,
and hopelessness of depression and taken the reader
from the death grip with which this devastating
disorder can hold its victim to heartfelt hope. Her
poems validate the experience of many people who
suffer from depression, as well as educate those who
love them and want to support them. I hope this book
will help everyone who reads it to be aware of this
sinister tormentor and know that it can be conquered.
Patricia Butler, B.S.Sc, Life Coach, Psychotherapist

Simone Walsh presented at the Canadian Office
Products Association’s Making Waves 2020 for
business products professionals on the important
role the workplace plays in an employee’s mental
health and overall well-being. Ms. Walsh is clearly
passionate about promoting mental health
awareness to remove the stigma surrounding it, and
to encourage others through her own inspiring story
of struggle and healing.
Arlene Allen,
Canadian Office Products Association

Students in our program felt empowered by her
story. Some were amazed at all that she was able to
overcome, and used her story as an example in their
own lives. Her ability to be vulnerable in front of the
students, and her passion to want to end the stigma
of mental health resonated with her audience. I
believe that Ms. Walsh can add value to our students
understanding of what mental wellness is and how to
access supports in times when they do have
concerns about their mental health.
Tia Bambury, Teacher, Peel District School Board

Poetic Diary of a Bleeding Heart has truthfully
and eloquently chronicled the struggle that
many people face in silence. Depression is a
crippling mental illness that strips so many of
their sense of self and life purpose. I applaud
Simone Walsh’s brave collection of personal
poems, which has provided a voice to mental
illness and strives to move the stigma of
depression and other mental illnesses out of the
shadows and into the light.
Dr. Natasha Williams, Psychologist

Simone’s body of work is powerful. I was very
emotional reading her story and what she has had
to endure. Many people suffer in silence, but her
strength to step forward is admirable and will
teach others that the day you speak up is the day
your life will change. I’ve always known that God
had a special plan for her life, and I couldn’t be
more proud to see Simone’s dream becoming
reality. She makes me so proud to spell my name
Pauleanna Reid, Motivational Speaker, Author