Simone has been given many opportunities to speak to various individuals while addressing a need.

She is able to speak of her own personal experiences which helps to build a connection with her audience. Interested in booking Simone for a speaking engagement? Please visit our booking page.

Seneca College Career Prep Day

“Hi Simone,
Attached are the Career Prep Day photos. There is a great picture of you posted in the Great Hall – you are a celebrity. Simone, thanks again for participating in our Career Prep Day. Will definitely keep you in mind for future events. You are definitely our success story.


Professor & Medical Program Coordinator, School of Office Administration , Seneca College

Essence of Mind Outreach Program Community Event

Guest speaker at the MIAG graduation ceremony
in support of mental health with the Achievement Celebration of the Ethno-Cultural Communities Well-Being Project

Today I was introduced as an “Alumni Student” before I spoke to the graduation class of the William Osler Adult Day Treatment Program. As I shared my story on where I was and where I am today, just to see the priceless expressions on the students faces really helps to give me continued hope. The best of all was when I finished sharing my story and class was dismissed, at least 6 from a group of 20 stayed behind to speak with me. Shaking my hand, telling me their dreams / plans for themselves, thanking me for sharing, thanking me for being so transparent, telling me how they were moved by my journey and how I have encouraged them more than I will ever know! Thank you to the amazing staff from the ADTP for having me!